May 3, 2019
We will be holding our major fundraiser on Friday, May 3rd, the annual “Ram Run” 
jog-a-thon, with students running/walking laps. The jog-a-thon will be held during PE for all grades and will continue until the end of the day. Half-Day kindergarten will also be participating at 9:40 AM. Everyone will get to participate; families are welcome and encouraged to join. 
Funds raised will go to purchase ChromeBooks, iPads and Wellness initiatives for our school. Chromebooks are necessary for many reasons including accessing online reading tools, Accelerated Reader, science, and Google Classroom, plus the ability to research for classroom projects. Wellness initiatives include, BB Racers sponsorships, BStrong BFit sponsorships, wellness education in the classroom and purchasing new playground equipment. 
Our goal is to raise $15,000. We can reach this goal if each student raises just $50 in pledges! Pledges should be in a flat-rate amount and money should be collected at the time of the pledge. How can your student raise $50? By asking family, friends and neighbors! If we reach our goal, Mrs. Farrer, Ms. Franklin, Mrs. Donnelly and Mrs. Deal will have a Lip Sync Battle. 
Prizes for the most donations will be a bike, fitness tracker, tv, food gift card and Big T shirt! The class with the highest donation will receive a fruit smoothie party.